Once the best site is chosen, the Development Process
is broken down into 6 steps.

1. Due Diligence

Read King Medical Development continues the process initiated during Site Selection by finding out everything possible on and around the existing site. We work with our trusted consultants, including Civil Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Environmental Consultants, and Geotechnical Engineers to make certain that all construction and design challenges are properly addressed. We meet with the appropriate City/County staff and any other regulatory body to review the project’s scope. Contact is made with all utility companies to ensure that services are available or can be made available. Read King Medical Development also manages all legal and title issues associated with the property.

2. Site Design

Read King Medical Development meets with the Client and begins the design process based on a multitude of factors to optimize the site for the Client’s specific needs. This step typically starts during the Due Diligence period so that while investigating utilities, restrictions, and city requirements, the proper questions can be answered. All parking, grading, access, utility, landscaping, lighting, and drainage designs are addressed.

3. Building Design

Integrated into Site Design is the Building Design. At this stage Read King Medical Development can coordinate the design of the shell (exterior of the building with utilities provided to perimeter) or both the shell and interior. We work with the Client to select the best Architect to fit the project, and review the drawings together until production of a final set is complete.

4. Permitting

Read King Medical Development manages the permit acquisition process by working with our consultants to ensure every jurisdictional comment is promptly addressed.

5. Construction

Read King Medical Development manages the contractor selection process, schedules, and budgets. Detailed weekly construction reports are delivered to the Client including photos and updated schedules so that progress can be tracked from off-site. Read King Medical Development develops its own punch list prior to walking the completed site with the Client. The Client’s remaining punch list items are then satisfied.

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6. Delivery to Client

The keys and the building are turned over. Read King Medical Development delivers the building’s handbook, including warranties, operating manuals, and service contact information. If the Client leases the building from Read King Medical Development, then our Property Manager works with the Development team to seamlessly transition to building maintenance and operation.

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