Site Selection

Choosing the best site:

Pre Development

Read King Medical Development's approach to site selection begins with canvassing a market and putting together a comprehensive market analysis to determine trade areas within the market that are best suited to facilitate the client’s desired growth.

Once trade areas have been established, all sites within that trade area, that meet the client's criteria, are identified.

We then begin to underwrite all the entitlements for the selected sites to narrow our focus to only those sites that can be delivered with the desired real estate characteristics within the client's budget. Those entitlements include visibility, access, signage, utilities, zoning, title, deed restrictions, and permitting.

The following tools are utilized by Read King Medical Development
in the site selection process:


Custom Demographic Reporting

•  Employment and residential data from the latest US Census data
•  Percent of population with any Medical Insurance, Managed Care Insurance and Medical Insurance from Place of Work (Commercially Insured)
•  Quarterly Postal Count updates
•  Drive time reports
•  Custom trade area polygons
•  Traffic counts

Custom Aerial Photography

•  Trade area aerials showing competitors and market drivers
•  Site plan overlay on aerials
•  Site distance calculations from competitors and existing locations

Finally, Read King Medical Development will negotiate a contract on the property and lease with the client.